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At Texas Dental, we believe in conservative dentistry. This means that we will never perform unnecessary procedures, and we will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth. Our cosmetic, general, and restorative services have been designed to deliver long-term benefits for our patients. To ensure a relaxing dental experience, our dentists, Dr. Lazaris, Dr. Lo, Dr. Ricci, and Dr. Yazhari, have extensive training in sedation dentistry.

Our wide range of dental services accommodates patients of all ages. From tooth-colored fillings to veneers to full dentures, our dentists will maintain your family’s healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime. With state-of-the-art technology, sedation options, and a friendly, professional team, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the most advanced dental care available.

Call Texas Dental today to reserve your appointment with dentist Dr. Lazaris, Dr. Lo, Dr. Ricci, and Dr. Yazhari. For over ten years, our Plano dental office has delivered individualized service to families from Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Addison, and the greater DFW area.

Same Day Crowns-E4D: Thanks to technological advances in digital imaging we can now fabricate your permanent crowns in office, the very same day!! For those patients with a busy schedule or other time constraints, we can provide this service to avoid having to wear a temporarily cemented crowns or having multiple appointments. Just one more convenience Texas Dental is providing for our patients!!

Tooth Whitening: Texas Dental offers multiple types of tooth whitening based on the needs of our patients. We have several options to choose from depending on how quickly you wish to see results, how sensitive your teeth are, as well as cost related preferences. Our options include Zoom same day laser whitening, as well as various types of at home prescription strength whitening options.

IV Sedation: For those patients with severe dental anxiety, special needs patients, or patients having to spend long periods of time in the dental chair we offer I.V. sedation. We work with multiple dental anesthesiologists and sedationists to provide the most comfortable care for your individual needs

Orthodontics: Texas Dental now provides orthodontic services including Invisalign!! For patient’s wishing to straighten their teeth without all the wires and brackets, Invisalign can be a great choice!! Although many cases are handled in our office, we also work with a fantastic team of orthodontists for more complex orthodontic needs.

Mouthguards: We provide several different kinds of oral appliances including athletic mouthguards and splints for night time clenching and grinding. Let us evaluate you to determine what options are right for you.

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