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I am typically very leery of dentists, but Dr. Ricci puts my nerves at ease. I have very sensitive teeth and I am claustrophobic, and Dr. Ricci ensures that I am comfortable every visit. Everyone on the team is very patient centric, and although I have other options for dental work, I will only bring my family to Dr. Ricci.
Christy M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Lo’s for many years and have had nothing but positive experiences there. Who has fun at the dentist office? I do! He has a Roku and TV screen mounted on the ceiling so I watch Parks & Rec while getting a cleaning (warning: try not to laugh with sharp instruments poking around in your mouth). But he’s also very thorough and doesn’t do unnecessary work. At my first visit, I was looking for a new dentist since mine retired, leaving his practice with a new dentist fresh out of school who immediately recommended three crowns. Dr. Lo said “Wait, don’t tell me” and studied my teeth with lasers and other tools for a long time. Finally, he said, “I don’t see that you need any crowns right now.” And although I eventually did have some crown work done by Dr. Lo, it was quite a while later. He also helped me through restoring a tooth I accidentally dragged on concrete during a bicycling accident and it is better than before. Can’t say enough good things about this doctor and his staff and colleagues.
Anne F.

I found Texas Dental by happy accident almost a decade ago, when the nerve in one of my teeth died in the middle of the night and I was left scrambling to find a dental office that was open on weekends. Dr. Ricci practically saved my life that weekend – at least it felt that way! Since then, I’ve received such consistently excellent level of care by this practice that I feel blessed to have found Texas Dental. They are by far the most convenient and accommodating dental care provider that I know of and have really been there for me and my family in our times of need. Thank you, Texas Dental!
Amanda K.

Texas Dental is the Best!!! I LOVE Texas Dental. The entire staff is patient, amazing, caring & wonderful………Always warm & welcoming. If you aren’t a patient…..YOU NEED TO BE! Call now & make an appt…don’t wait another day!!!!
Kristin S.

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