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Having a dental checkup is one of the most important steps you can take to preserve healthy teeth and gums. Texas Dental is a top-ranked family dentist practice in Plano, TX, providing patients of all ages with dental checkups and preventive care focused on their needs.

Dental Checkup Q & A

What happens during a dental checkup?

Regular dental checkups are an essential part of keeping the teeth and gums healthy and preventing serious diseases and other issues that can affect the teeth, soft tissues and jaws. During the checkup, the teeth and gums will be gently evaluated using a visual exam and special tools to look for signs of decay or disease. X-ray images will be taken to provide an in-depth look at the portions of the teeth below the gums as well as the jaw bones. If any problems are identified, a treatment plan will be developed that takes the needs of the individual patient into account, and patients will receive complete information about their care options so they can feel confident in their treatment and their health. During the checkup, the teeth will also be carefully cleaned to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar.

How often should I have a dental checkup?

Patients of all ages - from children to seniors - should have dental exams at least twice a year. That includes young children who still have all of their baby teeth and elders, whose natural teeth all have been replaced by dentures. Dental checkups evaluate not just the teeth themselves, but also the gums and soft tissues as well as the underlying jaw bone to ensure patients enjoy optimal oral health and avoid serious issues that can affect their health in the future. And of course, it’s important to schedule an office visit and checkup whenever symptoms like tooth pain, bleeding gums or unusual patches in the soft tissues develop.

Are dental checkups painful?

At Texas Dental, we focus on helping patients stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the checkup so they won’t hesitate to schedule routine care that can help them enjoy better oral and overall health. Most patients report no discomfort during a dental checkup. However, patients with very sensitive teeth, patients with gum disease and those with cavities may experience some minor discomfort as the tooth surfaces and surrounding gums are examined. For very sensitive or anxious patients, local anesthetic can be used to make the examination painless.

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