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Routine Maintenance Q & A

What is included in preventive and routine dental care?

Routine dental care includes all the treatments and procedures that are used to keep the teeth and gums healthy and sound so tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented and optimal oral health can be maintained at every age. Routine dental care forms the basis of good oral health, and seeing the dentist on a regular basis for routine and preventive care is essential for avoiding more serious issues that can wind up causing tooth loss and other problems.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Both adults and kids should see the dentist every six months for dental checkups and professional cleanings. During the checkup, the dentist can determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed, like small cavities or early signs of gum disease. Having dental checkups every six months can help ensure issues are treated in their earliest stages so more serious issues are avoided.

Are dental x-rays necessary?

Yes, dental x-rays provide an in-depth look at the tooth roots as well as the underlying jaw bone so deeper infections and other issues can be caught and treated early. Plus, x-rays can play an important role in children’s oral health care by monitoring the growth and development of the adult teeth before they emerge as well as identifying any potential crowding or alignment issues so proactive care can be provided.

What steps can I take at home to keep my teeth healthy?

In addition to having routine checkups and regular professional cleanings, it’s important to brush and floss regularly throughout the day using the proper techniques. During cleaning appointments, the hygienist or dentist will be able to provide guidance that can help improve at-home care so decay and gum disease can be avoided. It’s also important not to place extreme stress on teeth by chewing on ice or hard candy or by using teeth as tools. Wearing mouth guards when participating in sports can play a critical role in preventing traumatic damage to teeth and gums. Finally, try to avoid sugary and sticky foods and sugar-laden beverages and focus instead on calcium-rich foods like cheese to promote better oral health and stronger teeth.

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